Company and team


CLOEM is a company registered in France, not an offshore entity. 

SIRET : 792 987 836 00014 
VAT : FR 11 792 987 836


We are a team of patent experts (experience in corporate patent departments of industry world leaders in software and in healthcare, as well with major law firms) and computer linguistics scientists.

Amongst several others, Kim Gerdes (Scientific Advisor) has started the project, in 2009.

We are currently considering to hire. If you have a true passion for computer linguistics and/or patents, and if you feel like you have the soul of a hacker then send us your resume. Our DNA and HR approach is unique. We have outstanding roadmaps. We are passionate persons from all over the world (german, chinese, french…). We want to change the world of IP. We strongly encourage you to work from home to enjoy your family (we meet at nice places around the world).

For the short-term we are looking for:

- a network administrator. You do master security aspects and web/cloud architecture. You will manage, monitor and constantly improve our complex cloud of systems, in particular its security. Other key aspects include: load-balancing of servers, scalability and optimization of our cloud, caching of our contents, database and frontend optimizations.

- a C/Python developer. You do master at least Python (in particular NLTK). C would be a big plus. Java would be nice. If you have background skills in statistics, we need to meet.

- a crypto-currency expert. If you are both skilled and passionate about crypto-currency technologies, in particular smart contracts, we can have fantastic conversations.

Apply now !


Our mission is to help to raise the bar.

To reach this goal, for example, we aim to provide the first objective (i.e. measurable) embodiment of the "person skilled in the art". We want to break silos of knowledge, for example by mixing-up patent classification classes (patent laws largely ignore concepts and paradigms such as "transposition" or "analogy" for example). We try to detect, amplify and propagate technical patterns across technical domains and scientific disciplines. We aim at expanding and densifying the prior art at unprecedent scales. We are striving to provide our customers with the patent analytics of the future. And much, much more. We have tons of ideas, what you read now is just the beginning.


Algorithms have taken the power in Wall Street, our vision is that they will do the same in IP. Cloem has taken a huge advance in patent claims algorithms. We have an incredible model and the best data available on this planet. We see ourselves as the "quants of IP". With Cloem, you can invent more, faster and cheaper. Start now!