Public roadmap

Cloem is in early betawe are continuously improving the quality of our results. While we maintain already created texts, you may want to come back and check out improved versions of our service.

Beyong bug fixes and general UI improvements, we are working crazy hard on some coming features:

- ability to define heat/freeze parts of the initial text, to vary more or less;

- configurable PDF creation (e.g. number and types of variants);

- partial automation of patent drafting.


Support us

To speed up our developments, you can contribute and support us in many ways.

Become a clientLet us know of what you think. We welcome feature requests.

Become a partner. You are a Patent Counsel in private practice or in the industry: let your inventors know of Cloem and discuss with your management line to incorporate cloems into your IP strategy. To join our reseller program, please contact us (please don't wait too long if you seek an exclusivity agreement).

Research and academics. We invite any interested mathematician (graph theory, combinatorics, probability, statistics, algorithmics…) and computational linguistics expert to join us. We are facing incredibly deep theoritical insights and exciting code development challenges. We also are passionate about biology (synthetic biology in particular).

PressYou are a blogger or journalist: let's discuss exclusive insights and spread the word !

Share drafting techniquesFor example, you may want to suggest new ways to transform patent claims. Try to explain the “what”, “why” and “how”. Send us the patent claim “before” and the patent claim “after” with modifications being highlighted, explain why we should do it, in particular the associated legal effect you think about. And if possible share how you think we can do it.

Contribute to our vocabulary. You can provide us with vocabulary sources, tables of analogies and others. In our roadmaps, we are considering to open source our dictionaries (it is too soon for now).

Design and translations. Help us to translate the website (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, …) and/or to improve the design of the website.

Donations. You may consider donations to accelerate our development (recruitments, machines, etc). We are reinvesting 100% of donations in our technology.

- Donate by bank transfer

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