Examples of sample reports

This page shows a few examples of sample reports you can get by using Cloem. This page will be updated frequently, new examples will be posted and/or updated.

Along the link to the sample report file, we show the seed claims having being used, the selected words among suggested words and the new words we entered.

Please note that we are continuously working on quality (e.g. parsing, vocabulary): now that technology bricks are in place, we are expecting substantial quality improvements. Come back later and check new results !

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Shopping map


Seed claim

A method comprising:

- receiving a shopping list comprising items of a store;

- determining a pick-up location for an item;

- displaying a map determining a walking path within the store to pick-up said item. 


Comments (above): this claim is not optimal but it is a good starting point. Words such as "shopping" or "store" are not strictly required. In our mind, this method can happen in a physical store or in a warehouse (e.g. to minimize walking distance for an employee preparing an order). Virtual reality environments can use special features, augmented reality environments as well (arrows can show you the directions to follow). In the present case, I want to make sure that trivial developments are generated.

2. IPC classes G06K 

Comments (above): this class deals with "business and e-commerce". It is a very broad domain, which is directly relevant to the initial idea. If needed, more focus can be obtained for the vocabulary suggestions by using a more precise sub-class.

3. Vocabulary: approximate blacklist candidate computer corresponding detect direction database display displayable generate guide item identical information locatable locate linked list listed location marker order path printed position printable physical purchasable region retail spatial shopping store substitute tag value walk way

Comments (above): these words above are selected among the words which are suggested by Cloem, given related inventions in the existing patent corpus. By selecting relevant words, you make sure that immediate and natural developments fall within the scope of the texts which will be created.

4. New words: similar, minimize, maximize, distance, advertisement, track, guide, direction, 3D, real-time

Comments (above): this short list provides the main branches that one can foresee or have an intuition of. Also in view of previous suggestions. If an item is missing, it is not worth it to walk thereto, but maybe a similar or substitute item can replace the missing item. A criterion can be to minimize the total walking distance. Or a contrario, somebody (like the merchant) may want the shopper to walk and buy more. If trying to exercise, then maximizing walking distance makes sense. Without preconceived ideas regarding "adverstisement", let's read in context what Cloem proposes. The path or way can be possibly tracked (one of the suggested keyword was "tag"). A system may well help or guide shoppers, indications directions (horizontal and vertical ones). Maybe 3D environments can be interesting for developments of the idea. Also a real-time assistance may make sense.

5. Link to the fileclick here 

Comments (above): as a temporary conclusion, browsing the sample report, it can be seen that further developments may be added. For example, it may well be that a robot can minimize its path in a warehouse, instead of an employee. For now, with this syntax and vocabulary, Cloem makes reasonably sure that combinations of words are performed, with grammatical sentences. The sample report in PDF is an extremely small subset of the texts having being created. Provide you intuitions and let the machine do the job !




Seed claim

A method comprising:

emitting a request of exchanging a plane seat assignment of a first ticket holder over a short range wireless network; and

in response to a second ticket holder accepting said received request,

updating seat assignments for the first and second ticket holders.


Comments (above): the underlying idea is a real-time onboard marketplace for seat assignments. As this definition is too broad, we include the minimal steps of demand and offer, as well as a technical constraint (short range wireless)

2. IPC classes G06Q 

Comments (above): this class deals with "business methods" and interesting keywords can emerge from this silo. More details here

3. Vocabulary: age, advertisement, affinity, activity, accept, application, assignment, automatic, available, bag, body, condition, conditional, consumer, content, direction, direct, display, exchange, emit, entry, feedback, holder, identify, list, lottery, network, number, online, over, plane, passage, patient, query, range, receive, reservation, recover, request, region, seat, survey, ticket, unsold, update, virtual, voice, weight, wireless, younger

Comments (above): these words above are selected among the words which are suggested by Cloem, given related inventions in the existing patent corpus. For example, the seat numbers can be exchanged as a function of age, body/corporal needs, for dating purposes, can be randomly assigned, etc.

4. New words: bus, train, fee, compensation, staff, to notify, geolocation, smartphone, NFC, Bluetooth, RFID

Comments (above): these words are added to make sure that adjacent developments will be covered. For example, the method can be used in a bus or in a train as well as in a plane, points or credits can be used, alerts can be set up, etc.

5. Link to the fileclick here 

Comments (above): as a temporary conclusion, browsing the sample report, it can be seen that further developments may be added. For now, with this syntax and vocabulary, Cloem makes reasonably sure that combinations of words are performed, with grammatical sentences. The sample report in PDF is an extremely small subset of the texts having being created. Provide you intuitions and let the machine do the job !




Seed claim

A method comprising the steps of:
- creating a hash value for a prior transaction;
- combining the hash value, transaction data and the public key of a transaction recipient;
- digitally signing the combination to form an electronic coin;
- broadcasting the electronic coin to peers with a time-stamp;
- collecting electronic coins by a subset of peers to form a transaction block;
- each peer in the subset creating a solution to a proof-of-work problem for its transaction block;
- each peer in the subset broadcasting its transaction block and the solution to peers;
- obtaining consensus that a transaction block is valid;
- adding that transaction block to the existing chain of blocks.


Comments (above): this base claim is relatively long but Cloem will delete groups of words, i.e. intermediary steps, thereby creating generalizations.)

2. IPC classes G06Q and H04L

Comments (above): these classes correspond to cryptocurrency, see here

3. Vocabulary: aggregation agent addressable adjustable activity agreement address actual alternate applicable arrival an amount to analytical arbitrary applet and attribute associate with assignee associate authentication authority authorized autonomous bus block beneficiary be valid base bound borrower broadcast buffer buildable business by certificate certification calculable cascade camouflage chip ciphertext co-worker chain circuit certified comprise combinable compatibility coin compatible codebook complement collaborative communication complementary combine combination compare collect competition connection computable create configuration conceivable conceptual consignee conjugate contact controllable correctable content consensus counter correlation correlatable corresponding count counterpart cryptographic cryptography customer cycle cyclic define display digitally daisy disclosure direct determine database decoding delay deposited dependable delivery decryption description dependent data distance distribution divide document double downer dynamic each effective electronic edge external end encryption encrypted execute equivalent exchange event exist expert expired extract form flow financial for factor flexible free forging format frequency function functional generate generated green group heterocycle hardware hashing hash hold hybrid identify in identity identifiable index information identification interface injection its integrity integrate interleaved join key keyed limitable level legal label logic local logarithm linear list locatable logical match model maximum minimum marker message mark mix mobile method memorable material mutation modulation modified modification money monitored monitoring mount multicast multiple next network neighbor node nonce nonvirtual normal number occurrence of order optimised obtain of- open operate operation original output provide preference point parallel position peer pattern partner performable portion participant payee person perform plaintext predetermine performance percentage payment particular part permissible possible power permission preceding purpose private prior preliminary processible problem previous protocol produce protection property proof- public purchasable purchase qos quantity queue residual receiver receive random recipient readable resource recoverable reference referable region recovery reduce resemblance reliable replacement remove represent rotate result response resolution respect return returnable ring route same scan software section sign sequence session secure seed sharable signal select shift set selectable similarity screen selected separate security secret selection scope space subset solution store soft state stamp standard steps step structure singularity stage subject symbol supply support swap switch symmetric system transceiver threshold technical time- test time token that transferee transmit text timing translation the term transaction transmission transmitter treatment treeless trial type typical unification uniformity unit unity use user variation value valuable virtual vpn word work yield 

Comments (above): these words above are selected among the words which are suggested by Cloem, given related inventions in the existing patent corpus. 

4. New words: feedback, secret, wallet, codification, redemption, trust, paywall, payroll, captcha, proof-of-stake

Comments (above): these keywords are inspired by titles of patent applications filed recently by Craig Wright with EITC Holdings Ltd. In the pipeline: we identified some key patents for Bitcoin and we will "burn" them with appropriate keywords.

5. Link to the fileclick here 

Comments (above): check the sample report ! The sample report in PDF is an extremely small subset of the texts having being created.




Seed claim

A system comprising:

an elastic line with a first termination being anchored in the ground and

a second termination adapted to be attached to the feets of a user,

said system enabling the user to remain substantially at the same location when swimming.


Comments (above): this base claim recites structural elements (facts) and also is expressed in functional form (result). Variants of the function may not make sense but variants of structural elements can be interesting, so let's give it a try.

2. IPC classes E04H4 and A63B31

Comments (above): these classes correspond to the search with "swimming", see here

3. Vocabulary: adjustable, almost, affix, action, accelerate, activity, allow, alternative, anchor, actionable, alternate, accommodating, adjust, above, advance, advanced, adapt to, act, amply, attachable, application, apparatus, another, area, at, appropriate, assist, aspect, arrangement, apply, array, arrange, associate, athletic, attach, attach to, attachment, authorize, authorized, below, basic, base, ball, beginner, basis, bear, beneath, block, bond, broken, bug, composition, center, case, central, change, cause, calculate, centerless, carry, casual, couple, combinable, client, clear, close, clamp, concentrate, compliant, compare, combine, combined, common, completion, competitive, combination, convert, control, configure, consumer, compressible, comprise, contact, consequence, contain, conditioning, connect, condition, considerably, conditionable, contractile, constant, consist, conventional, cooperative, core, corresponding, cover, duplicate, disclosure, direct, disabled, decrease, determine, direction, disable, different, detect, dashed, derive, detail, define, desire, desired, determination, device, discharge, data, display, dispose, diver, domain, equivalent, effectively, embed, edge, element, early, effect, easy, elastic, execute, equip, exceedingly, enable, essential, emit, establish, engage, essentially, end, entirely, exercise, expandable, expansively, expose, expression, extend, extensible, extensively, extent, function, figure, feeder, feet, facilitate, fasten, fail, face, fan, field, feature, fruit, first, fine, fineable, find, fire, finish, fit, flat, fixed, fix, footwear, flexible, follower, following, form, forward, frame, front, fully, fuse, game, golf, generate, geographic, generally, geometric, grant, gravity, ground, group, have, head, height, high, higher, hinge, hold, home, hound, interest, install, individual, in, impact, information, initial, indicate, ideal, insert, indeed, imaginary, include, inferior, identical, instruction, integrate, interior, join, key, local, length, largely, last, least, layer, later, location, locate, level, lesser, live, limit, less, link, line, lock, lower, minor, major, maintain, main, multiple, measure, matrix, make, maximum, master, many, material, materially, most, model, middle, method, mesh, modifiable, modify, more, mostly, move, much, natural, nearly, next, normal, number, nut, ordinal, operate, opening, of, object, obtain, operator, order, once, operation, oppose, objective, ordinary, organic, original, other, outer, primary, prevention, patron, point, position, period, pliant, pass, partible, pin, perform, pattern, portion, plastic, platform, periphery, place, permit, precise, pressure, preparation, particular, phase, part, practically, particle, protect, produce, process, primer, promote, purchaser, purpose, real, represent, relate, reduce, release, range, recyclable, radius, referable, remove, region, remain, reader, receive, red, reference, raw, rear, rough, resilient, resisted, resistible, responsive, rest, result, routine, score, set, scuba, search, secondary, separate, seal, scope, same, sequence, section, separation, second, secure, select, serial, sense, sole, substantially, sight, still, soft, size, springy, special, subsequent, smoker, simulate, site, shorter, source, state, stretch, specific, side, subject, store, stock, station, similar, subordinate, stop, simple, significant, subsidiary, solution, structure, stage, show, shopper, signal, starting, stretchable, solid, system, surfable, supportable, successive, suit, substitute, suitable, support, supporter, sufficiently, surface, susceptible, swimming, time, taller, tall, take, top, taker, table, trampoline, the, terminate, teeing, tip, terminal, their, tensile, targetable, target, tighten, tangible, termination, tangent, transfer, treatment, trick, tripper, truly, type, typical, touch, touchable, under, uniform, unique, unit, use, user, validate, various, vastly, vertical, view, virtually, walking, water, wearer, weight, weld, well, when, with 

Comments (above): these words above are selected among the words which are suggested by Cloem, given related inventions in the existing patent corpus. 

4. New words: pool, to adjust, to protect, spring, to stretch, strechable, belt, speed, to walk, to fly

Comments (above): these addditional keywords correspond to some adjacent intuitions: the elastic line can be made of different materials (spring and/or elastic, etc); the attachment mechanism also probably can be sophisticated (one foot, two feets, articulation, protection for ankles, etc); maybe several body points can be used (e.g. by the torso, the belt, etc); that the anchor can vary (e.g. immersed mass in the swimming pool, external unique anchor, two symetrical anchors); that the system can be used for other sports (e.g. rowing, scuba-diving, etc); that not only location can be maintained constant, but also speed or depth for example; that analogies can be made for virtual reality environment (e.g. flying suits); that the system can be used for machines and not necessarily for humans (machine for training, etc).

5. Link to the fileclick here 

Comments (above): check the sample report ! The sample report in PDF is an extremely small subset of the texts having being created.



Fake news real time detector


Seed claim

A method comprising the steps of

determining a level of accuracy of a text recognized by speech-to-text during a video stream

by verifying the presence of combination of words of said text in independent sources and

displaying said determined level of accuracy along the video stream.


Comments (above): When debating, some political men or women can lie, sometimes on purpose with populists. Lies and fake news can thus spread and amplify, later damaging society. It is proposed a method of determining veracity levels in real-time, in particular during speeches and debates. A first base claim was not optimal and thus has been modified into the shorter seed claim shown above: 

A method comprising the steps of:
- converting oral speech into text;
- selecting group of words of said text;
- determining the presence of said groups of words into preexisting published corpora;
- determining a level of accuracy of said group of words;
- displaying a graphical indication of said level of accuracy.

2. IPC classes G06F19/00 and A61B5/16

Comments (above): these classes have been found in relation to "lie detector" in patent documents. It can be assumed that interesting words can be found with suche IPC classes.

3. Vocabulary: appropriate alignment actionable a absence adaptability aggregated aggregate advertisement advanced added accuracy adjust activity accessible accelerator acquired accountable abstractable absolute absolutedifference agent access addressable adapt above abstract accessing ad air address active account abundance adaptable about accident actual acceptable advertising additional action achievable abortive attributable annotate alterable allow alternative analysis anatomizing alternate allowable animation also angle along analog analyte and anchor audible applet anticipated anomalous answer apparatus apparent aons anticipatable ascii article approximation arrangement apply arbitrary array area application arithmetic applicable arrange attribute audio aspect assembly attach associate asthma authentication authorized automatable automated available average bioagent bond block bandwidth biological belt bacterium better basis body be bar bit bear band base blood background border bottom brain branch breadth business by composition comprise classification cbe calculation certain compound commitment clearest case classifiable chain circuit calculable carbon carry close chemical check category client caption completeness calculate calibration characterization cache cell color charge camera combine choose clearable clock clear care cause compare channel coefficient collectible column complete combination cable communicate choix component card collection change clinical class coil colorable crude consecutive computer condition computable connect concentration connection confidence configuration conceivable content control contain constancy consist correspond corresponding couple cover create current cycle direction documentable datum direct design determine descriptive different detect discrimination decision dispose displayable digital document define describe description disparate diagram desired determination device data definition display domain drawing drive during extract event end embodiment elementary establish energy enhanced engage example executable execute executive expose expressible expression extend external fix fact face field file facts figure fidelity family form force fit following follow fineness flow flowchart film foreign formatted formula free full funding further gate generate genuineness give graphic group guide guinea-pig hardware high hierarchical have hard head higher highest hold hole home host html human inventory install idea individual identify in identified inflexibility information inlet identifiable increase indicate identity image illustration input include independent instruction integrate intention internal interval introduce irreversibility issue item judgement key liveable linear layer laser language lead level line light live locate lock logic logical loop low lower lowest method metadata manner measure message mass maintain make maximum magnification many membrane main medium material mix mixture model monitor most motion mount move movement mpeg multiple music name natural network new next novel number object other operate of open obtain obligation occurrence opening operation oppose optimised order original outcome output plate permit partible pattern period peripheral particular path part pass partial performance pangenetic passage perform performable preliminary positive physical position pledge point place portion person persistence plan plain picture pipeline precursor precision possible power proposal predictive predetermine predictable predicable produce process primary procedure priority presence primer privilege processible processing promise property proposition provide purpose quantity return recite receiver radiation range receive real raid reality remote resolution reference reduce relate record repeat represent repeatable recordable referable remove recorded recognize request result retain ring roller route row rss show set secure seed sequence serviceable seal service secondary selectable sample separate selection sense selected security screen select servable series same section some software skin signal sharpness shape site single size sheet strand source solution sound support store steam static statable state steps specific spring step speech- spirit specify start substitutable substitute subject sub strip string structure substance stream supply supportable surface symbol synthesis system time text to- technical table testable term top technique tape take tenacity test third type textl transmit the transport transaction thread track transmissible transmission threshold truth tissue transportable typeable typical unique unit use user using value variety various verify video visual voltage volume water way weight wild winning word words year 

Comments (above): these words above are selected among the words which are suggested by Cloem, given related inventions in the existing patent corpus. 

4. New words: accuracy, reliability, trustworthiness, veracity, chunk, sentence, probability, to score, discrete levels, trafic light, red, green, orange, simultaneously, transcription, TTS, STT, to score, to mute, to adjust, background, volume, recorded, direct, live, lie detector, fact-checking, independent sources, verified sources, facts databases, Wikipedia, cumulative, breathing monitoring, sweating monitoring, pupil monitoring, retrieval, color-code

Comments (above): not all these words above have been added, but these are the intuitions one can have given the seed claim.

5. Link to the fileclick here 

Comments (above): check the sample report ! The sample report in PDF is an extremely small subset of the texts having being created.



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