Guided Tour

Step 1: select a "base" claim

For example, from US8448084, you get:

A method comprising displaying a content area comprising a list of content items, receiving a request to scroll the content area, and in response to said request refreshing the list of content items.

Step 2: select vocabulary

For example, you can select the IPC code G06F and select words among our proposals. Optionally, you can add the following keywords (in no order):

3D, email, volume, tab, menu, column, advertisement, word, to update, to play, to stream, to read, to index, to control, to print, to communicate, first

Step 3: search and/or browse

Once texts are created, you can browse or search into Cloems™, which are effectively rendered combinations of words, based on maths. You get for example:

A method comprising displaying a 3D area comprising a list of 3D items, receiving a request to scroll the 3D area, and in response to said request refreshing the list of 3D items.

A method comprising displaying a list of emails; in response to the activation of a trigger, refreshing the list of emails.

A method comprising displaying a scrollable list of SMS; in response to the activation of a scrollable trigger, refreshing the scrollable list of SMS.


Samples of Cloem's dictionaries

In the example of the "base" claim below, some words are underlined. Cloem can vary each and every word, as well as expressions like "content item" which have their own replacements.

A method comprising displaying a content area comprising a list of content items, receiving a request to scroll the content area, and in response to said request refreshing the list of content items.

Cloem has extracted its own proprietary dictionaries from the entire patent corpus, representing millions of patents. The extraction has been performed based on intensive computations. Human choices have been incorporated at all levels of design and developement (e.g. selection of sources, of parts of the patents, choices for collocation thresholds, selection of vocabulary of technical character, etc).

Some candidate words for replacement or insertion of these underlined words are reproduced below:

to display: display, show, exhibit, indicate, present, expose, form, provide, determine, generate, dispose, represent, mount, attach, produce, arrange, perform, transmit, recite, locate, move, support, measure, engage, make, supply, operate, hold, remove, execute, secure, indicate, adjust, pass, compare, carry, place, reduce, insert, separate, handle.

content: object, element, pixel, voxel, volume, calendar, piece, 2D, 3D, 4D, video, email, SMS, abstract, address, advertisement, article, attachment, book, commercial, financial stock, communication, contract, database, definition, description, document, domain, form, formula, header, hypertext, instruction, key, keyword, language, library, licence, link, list, listing, log, mark-up, metadata, model, notation, note, music, song, track, number, patent, claim, title, blog, post, script, search, query,result, sentence, slogan, SMS, software, program, spreadsheet, string, table, template, web page, website, wiki, node, graph, HTML, XML, image, animation, button, face gesture, icon, layout, media, photo, picture, presentation, score, snapshot, sound, audio, melody, mp3, mp4, recording, ringtone, movie, signal, song, stream, multimedia, e-book, document, game

item: detail, link, field, group, device, portion, time, part, unit, position, application, component, element, apparatus, information, activity, aspect, end, section, view, side, object, site, point, column, subject, factor, purpose, module, mechanism, detail, feature, property, data, location, respect, article, ingredient, period, stage, target, segment, substance, event, message, place, characteristic, communication, occurrence, action, access

to receive: retrieve, determine, select, have, set, generate, use, represent, detect, associate, perform, obtain, gain, cause, calculate, emit, operate, handle, transmit, allow, authorize, remove, secure, indicate, authenticate, pass, modify, contact, place, reduce, insert, separate, face, cover, convert, show, communicate

to scroll: rotate, translate, displace, index, list, register, record, turn, schedule, bundle, couple, split write, action, read, display, print, input, output, communicate, transmit, copy, paste, save, control

response: reaction, result, operation, function, effect, return, consequence, execution, recognition, authorization, authentication, outcome, influence, answer, feedback, reception, hit, match, compensation, reply, correspondence, concordance, identification

to refresh: modify, freshen, review, update, actualize, change, alter, adapt, alter, broaden, clarify, correct, disambiguate, detail, develop, distort, enrich, exacerbate, exaggerate, expand,extend, fix, focus, generalize, limit, mutate, narrow, negate, particularize, patch, perfect, rationalize, reorder, reorient, repair, restrict, restyle, revise, shorten, simplify, singularize, sophisticate, specialize, standardize, streamline, stretch, substantiate, transpose, widen, abbreviate, abridge, abstract, adjust, ameliorate, arrange, attenuate, bend, bias, blur, clean, combine, commute, complement, complete, complexify, complicate, condense, convert, darken, deepen, deform, degrade, delimit, delineate, densen, densify, derive, diversify, divide, exchange, excise, expunge, filter, fluctuate, fortify, fragment, hybridize, improve, intermingle, interpolate, intricate, inverse, invert, join, lengthen, mangle, merge, minimize, mitigate, mix, model, moderate, modernize, modify, modulate, obscure, orient, optimize, permute, polish, recombine, reduce, reinforce, scramble, segment, shape, shift, shrink, soften, specify,split, strengthen, substitute, subtract, summarize, supplement, systematize, telescope, temper, test, transpose, twist, vibrate, warp

The examples of vocabulary shown above are not exhaustive at all. Cloem applies leading-edge Naural Language Processing technologies (e.g. detection of co-references, computation of collocations of words, etc). Each and every word can be varied. Insertions, replacements, permutations and deletions are handled with extreme care based on sophisticated mathematics and a unique legal model.

As can be seen, the combinations of these words can produce different ideas.

By letting you controlling the vocabulary, close or very different ideas can be created. You can use a large number of different words. You can select a few close words.

Created texts known as Cloems™ can be timestamped.

Texts can optionally be published. Read about use cases.

Happy creations and inventions !