A device comprising:
- a communication port communicatively coupled to the controller,
- present the suggested insulin pump setting using the device via the user interface, and
- present a request for confirmation of the insulin pump setting; and receive a confirmation, and communicate the suggested insulin pump setting to an insulin pump via the communication port when a confirmation is received into the device,
the controller a controller including:
- an input/output (I/O) module configured to:
- present a question for a patient when communicatively coupled to a user interface; and receive patient information in response to the question via the user interface; and a rule module configured to: and
- apply a rule to the patient information; and generate a suggested insulin pump setting from application of the rule,
the I/O module is configured to:.
Text extracted from US-20100274751-A1
A method for configuring an insulin pump, including the steps of:
- initiating a workflow for setting parameters of an insulin pump configuration file,
- receiving a setting of a first parameter,
- receiving a user-selected setting of a second parameter that is dependent upon the setting of the first parameter,
- determining whether the setting of the second parameter is invalid based on the setting of the first parameter,
- permitting the workflow to continue when the setting of the second parameter is invalid, and
- displaying a confirmation screen; and after displaying the confirmation screen, permitting the user to correct the setting of one of the first parameter and the second parameter to cause the setting of the second parameter to be valid.
Text extracted from US-20100064257-A1




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