A device for diagnostic or therapy support of a patient with a chronic disease, comprising:
- a display,
- a user interface; and a processor coupled to the display and the user interface; and program instructions that when executed by the processor causes the processor to:
- prompt a plurality of medical use cases or questions related to the chronic disease for selection on the display,
- receive a selected medical use case or question via the user interface,
- select automatically a structured collection procedure for the diagnostic or therapy support of the patient with the chronic disease based on the selected medical use case or question from a plurality of structured collection procedures stored in a memory, and implement the selected structured collection procedure, and
- said structured collection procedure having parameters defining a schedule of events,
each of said events comprising
at least one or more of a performance time, guidance to perform the event, a request for patient action, a request for information, and a request for collection of at least one type of biomarker data.
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