A zoom lens with multi-layers for illumination comprising:
- a lens body having at least one free curved surface on a side of the lens body; the free curved surface designed as multiple zoom curved surfaces with multiple layers, and
- one side of the zoom curved surface is designed to be oblique and the other side is arc surface.
Text extracted from US-20140218939-A1
A computing device comprising
- a touchscreen, a processor, and computer-readable media having stored thereon computer-executable instructions configured to cause the computing device to: and
- render,
the initial interactive chart view an initial interactive chart view comprising
- a time axis and a task axis,
- receive first user input associated with a zoom operation via the touchscreen, and
- based at least in part on the first user input, determine whether the zoom operation is a one-dimensional zoom operation or a multi-dimensional zoom operation; and render a zoom-adjusted interactive chart view for display responsive to the first user input,
wherein the determined zoom operation comprises
a zoom along the time axis and a zoom along the task axis,
the zoom-adjusted interactive chart view is zoomed in or out on the time axis and the task axis relative to the initial interactive chart view.
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